3 Ways Joint Collaborations can Boost your E-commerce Sales


3 ways to boost ecommerce sales

Yup, we’re back after a long hiatus! GLAMAFONE has been working on a very interesting project and all of us here are very passionate about it! But before we disclose it in the coming days, we have another interesting topic to discuss about.

Joint collaborations – this is not a new term nor a new concept. But many people feign ignorance of this ever effective marketing tactic. Today, we want to put aside all those fears and enthuse you to the idea of collaborating with other businesses to propel your own business forward.

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SEO 101 for E-commerce.

SEO 101

Search Engine Optimization – it’s 2016 and whoever you are, wherever you are, have heard this term. SEO is the most dreaded word for small business owners who depend on their websites to get them business. We have all read blog after blog trying to decipher SEO, but it really is something we have to get our hands dirty doing and can be tough. You already know what you need to be doing, have done most of it, but are barely seeing results. We don’t want to burden you with another blog post telling you what you’re doing wrong or what you should be doing, but rather motivate you to continue doing whatever you are doing and use this as a mini-checklist for that. We also hope that article will plug any gaps in your knowledge about SEO. So let’s dive right in.

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Should Fashion Businesses Blog?


If there has been anything more disrupting on the Internet than the World Wide Web itself, then it has to be Blogging. Being able to record endlessly into the pages of the Internet has spawned many authoritative figures and mini-celebrities. Nothing comes close to freedom of speech than a blog. And Fashion Blogs are a different league altogether. Fashion Blogs are more than blogs; they are self-thriving businesses & lifestyle habits for many. Usually fashion blogs are limited to fashionable individuals who take to the web to express their flair for style and eye for trends. However, now the question arises, should you blog as a fashion business?

The answer is Yes and simply because the fashion industry is no exception to the blogging rule than any other industry. In fact, there is a greater need for fashion businesses to be the face of fashion and it’s best done by blogging. If it weren’t that important, Dior or Tadashi Shoji wouldn’t be blogging right now. They call it by different names and may be posting less than 500 words per day, but they still do it. They are taking the magazine experience over to digital. But really, even if these biggies didn’t blog, here are 5 reasons you should:

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SMX EAST 2014 – Key Takeaways

EMF @ SMX East 2014

Well, welcome if you clicked your way through this post title on a Fashion Marketing Blog! It’s only uncommon to hear of SMX conferences in the fashion circles. But since this IS an e-marketing blog too, I cannot not have posted about this. Especially since I was there in New York on 30th September. And also because Javits Centre is just a few blocks away from Fashion Avenue and the Garment District of New York (which is again a few blocks from Times Square). Hard to miss this!

For those of you unfamiliar with SMX, it is short for Search Marketing Expo. SMX is the search engine marketing conference from Third Door Media, the company behind the Search Engine Land and Marketing Land news sites, and Digital Marketing Depot. Search Engine marketing isĀ about using strategies to get yourself visible on search engines and reach more customers via search engines. So beginners to experts in search engine tactics, all gather at this conference for highly informative sessions. Moreover, it gives you the latest updates on stuff happening in the search engine world and that too from the who’s who of the Digital Marketing industry.

Now if you are a business, fashion or not, search engine marketing should definitely matter to you. If you want to get found, you have to have one ear open to what Google, Bing and Yahoo are upto and the other ear to what your competitors are doing there. Which means, you need to know of any updates or algorithm change in search engines which could affect your rankings there, new tools used by your competitors to get in front of potential customers and also about how media are converging and how you can strategize uniquely around that. And for that, I don’t mean you go all the way to attend these conferences (I know you have a business to manage!), but you definitely need to bookmark some websites and blogs to stay up-to-date.

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