SEO 101 for E-commerce.


SEO 101

Search Engine Optimization – it’s 2016 and whoever you are, wherever you are, have heard this term. SEO is the most dreaded word for small business owners who depend on their websites to get them business. We have all read blog after blog trying to decipher SEO, but it really is something we have to get our hands dirty doing and can be tough. You already know what you need to be doing, have done most of it, but are barely seeing results. We don’t want to burden you with another blog post telling you what you’re doing wrong or what you should be doing, but rather motivate you to continue doing whatever you are doing and use this as a mini-checklist for that. We also hope that article will plug any gaps in your knowledge about SEO. So let’s dive right in.

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If you own a fashion store online (which includes clothes, shoes, jewellery… ladies, you know them!) and ever wondered how to ramp up your digital presence and get more targeted traffic, convert more, be a brand ( a la Russell peters “Be a Man!” 😉 ) and more, you have reached THE blog which will help you out. Need inspiration for new campaign ideas? Come here, i’ll get you talking. New tools on the block? I’ll inform you. Latest fashion trends going viral? I can check you on that! Let’s do this this together 🙂 More the fashion online, the merrier!