Fashion Photography Finds: #2- The Essence of Faceless Photography

A month ago, Marni came out with its debut ad campaign for its FW15 collection. Photographed by Jackie Nickerson, the images are far from your typical fare with model Marte Mei Van Haaster posing faceless. Creative director Conseuelo Castiglioni says about the images, “What we wanted was to create beautiful yet strong images that stand alone…Each one having an impact of its own without the others.”

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Fashion Photography Finds: #1- Capturing the Floral Trend


Fashion Photography


Photography makes Fashion what it is. It takes you to another world, educates you, connects with you emotionally and puts fashion (read clothes and accessories) in a new perspective.

We came across these simply striking photographs which effortlessly captures the floral trend of the season.

Take for example this photo by Fredrico Martins for Vogue Portugal, the June’15 issue. He is able to complement the ultra glam with a dash of floral only because of carefully planned execution of the photo-shoot team. Colourful make-up is used here, and they are only enhanced by the real flowers  . Nothing really looks out of place. The clothes easily blend in and yet stand out to call for attention.

vogue_photo                                                vogue_photo1

Another couple of photos that we are really lusting after are those by JUCO for WWD. More than the photography, the set is impressive! Such luscious colours are blending in with each other so perfectly. Model Leela is doing a great job lending a mood to these photographs.

impressivephoto_3                                                          impressivephoto_2

That’s some great inspiration for this week if you are planning on doing anything with florals for your fashion brand. Working with so many colours need not be so difficult after all. You can literally say anything with the help of a photograph, so do make maximum use of it on all your digital platforms.

Fashion Photography Finds is a series of posts which higlights some great pictures clicked by renowned photographers worldwide to serve up some inspiration for your next fashion shoot. GLAMAFONE is totally obsessed with Fashion photo-shoot conceptualization, so give us a shout out if you need any help!  More at

Big Fashion Trends – Q4 of 2014 : Part 2

Howdy folks!

It’s time to take a look at what’s trending this fall and winter in terms of Print and Pattern Trends, as promised in Part 1 of this post.

These results are based, as always, on what’s popular on social media, street-wear and fresh off the runways. It takes time for a trend to spread across the world from the major fashion centres, so it’s never too late to jump onto the trend bandwagon and stock in your boutiques what people actually want. Here’s a brief run down on Print and pattern trends.

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Big Fashion Trends – Q4 of 2014 : Part 1

Autumn has set in, Christmas is near, celebration is in the air! People are now in the mood to flip open their wallet. But don’t take for granted that anything will sell. On the contrary, people are looking to get the best deals around this time. They are going to choose great quality. They are going to choose trendy stuff. They want the stylish best from you. Are you up for it? Continue reading “Big Fashion Trends – Q4 of 2014 : Part 1”