Should Fashion Businesses Blog?


If there has been anything more disrupting on the Internet than the World Wide Web itself, then it has to be Blogging. Being able to record endlessly into the pages of the Internet has spawned many authoritative figures and mini-celebrities. Nothing comes close to freedom of speech than a blog. And Fashion Blogs are a different league altogether. Fashion Blogs are more than blogs; they are self-thriving businesses & lifestyle habits for many. Usually fashion blogs are limited to fashionable individuals who take to the web to express their flair for style and eye for trends. However, now the question arises, should you blog as a fashion business?

The answer is Yes and simply because the fashion industry is no exception to the blogging rule than any other industry. In fact, there is a greater need for fashion businesses to be the face of fashion and it’s best done by blogging. If it weren’t that important, Dior or Tadashi Shoji wouldn’t be blogging right now. They call it by different names and may be posting less than 500 words per day, but they still do it. They are taking the magazine experience over to digital. But really, even if these biggies didn’t blog, here are 5 reasons you should:

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E-Commerce Yay or Nay Discovery Series: #2- Marks and Spencer

E-Commerce Discovery Series #2

Back with another edition of E-commerce Discovery series (YAY to that!). This time, we have Marks & Spencer going under the lens. Marks & Spencer is one of the oldest and most popular big box fashion retailers in the UK. The have branched out into so many categories, that it is interesting to see how they perform similarly online. They have one hefty e-commerce website and here’s our take on it.

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The Real Benefits of Using Lookbooks on your E-commerce website.


A designer is never complete without her collection’s lookbook. To the layman, what appears to be simply photographs of clothing and models, is way more than that. Lookbooks are important to a designer’s branding. It will work harder for her than any other marketing material. It can be the sole reason why a designer will make it to the pages of Vogue and ELLE or to high-end retailer boutiques. Did you know Net-a-porter rejects more brands than it accepts to showcase on its e-commerce portal? Lookbooks can take your brand up in no time if done right. Before we dive in to the benefits, let’s go over what a Lookbook should really consist of.

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Time Vs. Cost: How To Prioritize for your Online Fashion Business

In this brand new post, I would like to tackle a major issue concerning many e-commerce business owners: that of prioritizing between their valuable time and hard earned money. It can get pretty confusing many-a-time and you may be lost as to which should precede over which. Well, here’s a system which can lead you in the right direction. It’s something very obvious, but at the same time, your discretion in these matters is of utmost importance. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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9 Web Apps That Will Boost Traffic To Your Online Store

9 Web Apps That Will Boost Traffic To

The below mentioned tools are a mix of free and paid apps. I do not rank them by any means and the listing is random. Most of all apps have a free trial period, so do take advantage of that!  The free apps of course come with the company branding and you have to opt for a paid plan if you want white labeling facilities. On this list, #4, #8 & #9 are my favourites! Go through this entire list and do comment which one was your favourite. Click on any of the titles below to be re-directed to the app’s official website.

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Fashion Photography Finds: #1- Capturing the Floral Trend


Fashion Photography


Photography makes Fashion what it is. It takes you to another world, educates you, connects with you emotionally and puts fashion (read clothes and accessories) in a new perspective.

We came across these simply striking photographs which effortlessly captures the floral trend of the season.

Take for example this photo by Fredrico Martins for Vogue Portugal, the June’15 issue. He is able to complement the ultra glam with a dash of floral only because of carefully planned execution of the photo-shoot team. Colourful make-up is used here, and they are only enhanced by the real flowers  . Nothing really looks out of place. The clothes easily blend in and yet stand out to call for attention.

vogue_photo                                                vogue_photo1

Another couple of photos that we are really lusting after are those by JUCO for WWD. More than the photography, the set is impressive! Such luscious colours are blending in with each other so perfectly. Model Leela is doing a great job lending a mood to these photographs.

impressivephoto_3                                                          impressivephoto_2

That’s some great inspiration for this week if you are planning on doing anything with florals for your fashion brand. Working with so many colours need not be so difficult after all. You can literally say anything with the help of a photograph, so do make maximum use of it on all your digital platforms.

Fashion Photography Finds is a series of posts which higlights some great pictures clicked by renowned photographers worldwide to serve up some inspiration for your next fashion shoot. GLAMAFONE is totally obsessed with Fashion photo-shoot conceptualization, so give us a shout out if you need any help!  More at

To Own a Web-Store or Not?


“he-loves-me, he-loves-me-not”

To have an e-commerce store or not to have one, now that is the question! Now since you are not Hamlet and neither a teenage girl holding a daisy, playing “he-loves-me, he-loves-me-not”, you need real justifications to have your own e-commerce store. You have already decided that selling online works. But you are confounded with the options you have. This, against a backdrop of selling on Facebook, Etsy or other online marketplaces. Tough nut to crack? Let me do it for you.

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5 Fashion Marketing Tactics That Make Minutes Count!

Quick- Ask your customers to buy before it's gone!

Quick- Ask your customers to buy before it’s gone!

Time, time, time! One factor which we all seem to have very less of and can’t get enough of.. Marketers use the time factor to increase sales by creating a (false?) sense of urgency. Now, don’t go raising your eye-brows at marketers! They use time-sensitive strategies to up the fun quotient as well as the brand value for the fashion label they are working for. So if you are a small fashion business or own a fashion boutique/web-store, here’s a low down on some of the most effective time-sensitive marketing tactics that will get your customers counting every minute they have before they get hands on your products!

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7 Essentials Of A Winning Fashion E-commerce Website

Designing a website can be an exhilarating experience and i learnt as much when involved in the re-design of an online boutique’s e-store. There are a few things I learnt and wanted to share with you all.It might be useful whenever you decide to launch your own online store.

If you want to have a winning website for fashion e-commerce, you cannot not have these elements in your website. So let’s dive right in.The most important features of a fashion e-commerce website are:

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