Welcome to GLAMAFONE’S  official blog. Here you can find the latest news on Online Fashion Marketing. Do visit the business website at www.glamafone.com to book a boutique service today!

GLAMAFONE is digital brand management studio which specializes in Fashion Communications and Digital Marketing. We help small fashion businesses and independent designer labels manage and amplify their brand identity online.

With a mixture of various skills that include boutique management, fashion design, digital marketing, fashion campaign planning, graphic design, brand building, website development, content writing, fashion photography, and creative direction, GLAMAFONE can easily support your marketing and branding efforts. So whether you are an independent fashion designer trying to run the show or a decade old boutique who wants to get online now, we’ll work with you to build your brand ground up as well as educate, engage and give excellent experiences to your customers on digital platforms.

We love fashion and digital, so nothing is more delightful than to support the branding of your e-commerce business. GLAMAFONE is your virtual marketing team; the one you always dreamed of. Let us handle your digital worries and we’ll turn up the volume on your brand!

Do visit GLAMAFONE if you think we can help your fashion business!

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