3 Ways Joint Collaborations can Boost your E-commerce Sales


3 ways to boost ecommerce sales

Yup, we’re back after a long hiatus! GLAMAFONE has been working on a very interesting project and all of us here are very passionate about it! But before we disclose it in the coming days, we have another interesting topic to discuss about.

Joint collaborations – this is not a new term nor a new concept. But many people feign ignorance of this ever effective marketing tactic. Today, we want to put aside all those fears and enthuse you to the idea of collaborating with other businesses to propel your own business forward.

Joint collaborations are simply the act of tying up with another business to promote a common product or service. Both of you pour in resources to expose the product to  your audiences, and both of you reap the benefits of it. (Psst, joint collaborations need not be limited to 2 businesses, more the merrier!)

Examples of Joint Collaborations for Fashion

You have been seeing it all around you. Alexander Wang X H&M , now Balenciaga X H&M, Rihanna X PUMA, Deepika Padukone for Van Heusen have all created noise in the past. If this makes you think that strategic partnerships are limited to big companies alone, then you will be surprised how many more small businesses are hopping on to this bandwagon.

It is not uncommon to see t-shirt businesses tying up with famed Graphic Designers, a vintage-boho couture line tying up with an accessory boutique, etc. Heck, even tying up with popular fashion photographers is becoming mainstream these days!

3 Benefits of Joint Collaborations

Yes, people are doing it because it has benefits. Especially digital boutiques, because it brings in the revenue.  To be precise, here are the 3 ways collaborations help.

1. Expose their Audience to your Brand

This one is very obvious. By running a joint campaign on both yours and your collaborators channels, you get direct limelight from their audience. If the collaborators audience loves your product, then you have already found a new army of followers with very limited spending! Exposing your brand via their social media pages, their email distribution list or just simply in their pop-up store, not only reduces your costs of promoting to a big audience, but get their loyal followers to be yours as well. Of course, it works the other way round too, but who cares since it’s a win-win situation. (Silly that we’re mentioning it, you don’t want to tie up with a competitor, though even that’s a possibility if it really comes to that i.e. gaining market share )

2. Combined Campaigns Give More Value to Customers

When it comes to real e-commerce success, it is all about pampering your customer. People love it when the brands go an extra mile to cater to their needs. For example, you send your goods packaged in a neat envelope purse type of bag. And a customer requests that the brand start selling envelope purses! Now either the brand can invest bucket loads of money trying to bring out a new collection of those envelope purses, or simply collaborate with someone already selling those (or who could develop it). You have satisfied your customer and created some noise around your brand. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

3.Easier to get Media Attention

Yes, collaborations are not only bringing in traffic to the website or revenue, but also lots of PR! It’s easier to get media attention when you tie up with a better known brand than yourself. Create hype. Grab the media’s attention. Don’t be surprised to find yourself in a fashion magazine one morning. We’re sure that joint collaborations are meaty content to feed editorials, blogs and the rest. Collaborating with a fashion blogger makes this all the more interesting and easier to come under media’s spotlight (in addition to getting some exposure to the blogger’s audience). Ironically, you could have a joint collaboration with the Media itself! In fact, what isn’t so obvious is that all magazines are indeed joint collaborations between them and fashion designers. They are scouting the next best designer in town, while designers are looking for some real estate in their magazine. How smooth is that!

So now that you have seen just a few of the benefits joint collaborations can bring to your e-commerce business, it’s time to take some action! Here are a few ways you can start-

  1. If you are an apparel boutique, tie up with an accessories or footwear boutique to welcome Spring with a new sexy full look collection!
  2. Tie up with one of the more popular fashion photographers in your city. You have no idea of the power they can bring to your brand!
  3. Collaborate with a local music artiste (yes, music artiste) to give the background score for your trunk show.
  4. Along with other fashion boutiques, join a cafe/bar, MCs and Event planners to host a food and fashion fest!
  5. Last but not the least, tie up with a famous local designer to design a limited collection for your brand.

The list goes on. It is only limited by your creativity and the amount of money you are willing to spend. However, it is a very effective marketing tool if done right. We urge you to consider joint collaborations to boost your e-commerce sales and success. While you do that, we’re busy cooking up something interesting, fun and extremely useful for you. Stay tuned!



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