Fashion Photography Finds: #3- Bohemian Chic


Free People’s Party Wear modeled by Tori Praver.

This week we are crushing over Tori Praver’s shoot for Freepeople’s party wear. She models the boho clothes with maximum sass and is ready to party like the free people! Freepeople is known for two major things- boho and freedom. If that represents your life, then Freepeople is the brand for you. If they have made you believe that living free and like a gypsy is the ultimate luxury in life, then all credit goes to their impeccable photography. Every photo is done with precision, where in the style is given more emphasis than the model or background. Clothes then get a life and meaning through the photographs.

Then it came as no surprise that their recent lookbook for party wear was anything but “partying”. No glitz, no bling. The entire range of party wear is shot close up, and has all of us lusting after those pieces. But as a fashion business yourself, here are some observations about these beckoning photographs that meets the eye on a closer look.



Almost all vintage themed brands and boho styled photos have an essential feel about them- the dusky, subdued look. Well, it’s all achieved by appropriate photo filters. In this case, you see that the photo is completely de-saturated, contrast set to a minimum, brightness bumped up to almost max, and a slight hint of pink tint.


Nothing is straight here. Every photo is taken at an angle and is the only way to bring in the party vibe apart from the dresses. The slight tilt also makes for originality and is characteristic of candid photography.


In all these photos, no matter how many filters it has gone through, the dress retains its texture and slight hint of original colour. Just about enough to make you greedy! These are obviously close-ups, with non-obstructing backgrounds, which really help in highlighting the fabric of the clothes and almost gives you a feel of what it will be like to wear them.

What is really working in the favour of these photographs is the model’s unforgiving confidence and good looks, the superior quality of their clothes, beautiful designs, focused photography and precise photo-editing.

So this week, lesson learnt- if you have some amazing products, then some simple, well-planned photography is more than sufficient to get people to the door.

PS: Did you, on the other hand, find these photos dull and lifeless? Let us know in the comments!

Fashion Photography Finds is a series of posts which highlights some great pictures clicked by renowned photographers worldwide to serve up some inspiration for your next fashion shoot. GLAMAFONE is totally obsessed with Fashion photo-shoot conceptualization, so give us a shout out if you need any help!  More at


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