What Customers are expecting in your e-Newsletter

Newsletter.jpgTime and again, e-Newsletters have come out on the top of the most effective marketing strategies. Therefore, it is imperative to craft effective newsletters because it can seriously boost your business. You can spend all day and week on Social media trying to convince people to buy from you; but you know how painful that is. E-mail newsletters on the other hand have a clear and direct communication path with your loyal customer- didn’t they themselves sign up for your newsletter and give you permission to send them promotional content?!

Now that you get the idea, still a lot of people misuse newsletter marketing. They blast only promotional e-mails to their list and see unsubscribe levels spike. And then they wonder ‘why’? (isn’t e-mailing marketing supposed to be the best marketing strategy *scratch head*). Well, of course, you are not like those marketers and you very well know what content to put in your e-newsletters. Well, here’s a short bullet list to inspire you to cook up something exciting for your audience in your next e-mail blast!

Different types of Content in an Email Newsletter

This is a short list of different kinds of content you can post in your e-newsletter. Mix it up every month and see your audience rave about you!

Type 1: Informative Posts/ DIY tutorials

This has got to be the other name for e-newsletters. The very purpose of a newsletter is to inform. Not promote, not advertise, but INFORM. All the other frills can be conveniently ignored, because informative posts are highly converting.

If you sell Women’s fashion clothes, then an Informative post could consist of pictures or style boards showing how to style outfits with your products. It could have a “DID YOU KNOW” gallery of info on how you manufacture your products. See an example from a StyleSaint newsletter below:

That was pretty convincing now, wasn’t it. Info strewn with product pics.

Another example could be an exhaustive guide on fabric care. It is most welcome for unique, expensive and delicate clothes. Similarly, if you are a beauty products company, no matter how much of the World Wide Web’s blogo-sphere is filled with posts on DIY face masks, your e-mail with an effective tutorial wins applause.

Basically, you send them information that your audience needs to know about your products or related items, but don’t have the means to gather it, or the time to initiate a search for it.

Type2: Product/ Catalog Updates

Of course, when I said no promotional content, i didn’t mean you totally cut it out. After all, your customer signed up to stay updated about your products only. Hence, ever so frequently, send them attractive photos of your latest products, a line you are launching, a SALE that is going on in your e-store and the products on sale etc. When people love fashion, the newsletter they receive brightens up their day especially if it’s filled with clothes and accessories and colour. So do send them product updates, albeit not in a manner that spells “pushy”and “sales pitch”. Here’s a simple example from Fabletics.

Fabletics newsletter

Type3: Exciting Announcements

This is another form of information, but this time it’s about something exciting- an event, a huge SALE, a pop-up, a guest collaboration, a trunk show and so forth. Newsletters like these are something people are subconsciously waiting to open into. And yes of course, you should be having more events like these, or else how will you keep your brand alive! An innocent seeming event could be celebrating your store’s first birthday bash. or even 7th, as Ruche does it in this e-mail newsletter:

Ruche Newsletter

A newsletter like this is definitely a big change from the usual drill of informative emails.

Type 4: Coupons/ Discounts/ Sale/ Promotional

This can certainly come under any other category, but I chose to highlight this because it is one of the most interesting newsletters to send and highly converting. A simple Coupon code will drive a rush of traffic to your website and that’s not something you will complain about. You don’t have to have a specific occasion to give a discount, but days like Black friday or Cyber Monday, or festivals like Diwali and Holi are sometimes you just have to send them the good news that your products are on Sale.

Pro Tip: Create an attractive Coupon banner that fills the entire newsletter area. GIFs make good SALE announcements too!

Type5: Personal Greetings/ Occasions/ Birthdays

Now, this is something so important but very few people go the extra length to implement. Nothing gets more personal like wishing them for their birthday. It gives you top slot in their minds, and they will remember you when they have to make a purchase. Of course, it is a bit difficult to implement this because collecting birthday/anniversary information (which is easy for Banks and hence they’re able to remember and wish you on all the important days!) is a tad difficult for a fashion e-store. However, through contests or campaigns you can exchange something for this info of theirs. Then you’ll agree with me, how important this kind of a newsletter is!

Type 6: Referals/Testimonials/ Feedback Survey

Another really important newsletter- the feedback. After doing all the hard work, I’m sure you want some sort of feedback. In fact, it is one of the most important things while growing your business. Therefore, make it a point to send out a feedback survey to all your subscribers and ask them for their pain points. Some people do overlook it, but those few who really care about you will give you honest feedback. And trust me, it’s worth every penny you’ve spent on acquiring them as a customer.

This kind of newsletter is also a great way to create contests for referrals or testimonials which can be used to spread word about your boutique.

In conclusion, those were some quick categorizations of newsletter types. All you have to do is pick one from these each week and earn your brownie points with your customers! Happy E-Mailing!



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