E-Commerce Yay or Nay Discovery Series: #3- Soludos


It’s been a long time that we had some UI/UX design inspiration, hasn’t it? That’s why when we came across the website of Soludos, we thought we should share it with you immediately. This time we have found a nearly perfect website, and very current in the design trends. Clean,sharp and uncluttered is their design mantra, and they’ve made superb use of white space and subdued colours. Oh, what you wouldn’t do to have such an awesome design team! (*cough cough*, there’s still GLAMAFONE!). So why is Soludos’s website so right in all its UI/UX front? Let’s take a look.

1. E-mail Sign-Up Form

Email Sign Up form

This is one pop-up that did NOT annoy us! The first thing that greets you when you land on the Soludos website is this simple, clean and cheerful pop-up that is more a greeting than a obtrusive request (threat) to sign you up to their newsletter list.

VERDICT: YAY- This design looks polite, and the sign-up form under the pretext of a greeting is far more likely to fetch conversions.

2.Front Page


So after the first impression, the website continues to deliver. The design theme of clean and simple (appealing to both men and women) continues. They have some really attractive slider images. There isn’t one tardy slide image that makes you want to look away. Each banner is tastefully done, very aligned to current  design trends (the pastel pink and plant green combo you see on top is very hot right now on the design circuit!) and focused. This just complements the already amazing products they have. Of course, due credit goes to the photography as well.

Also, if you notice the menu, it’s very neat and minimal. They are not throwing all the categories at you at once. Rather, they do high level classification, and only when you go further into the website, you are exposed to all the categories they have.

VERDICT: YAY- Every other website out there is like this- white background, compact slideshow gallery and minimal layout. But Soludos manages to stand out with a very focused alignment to their brand and product design sense. Hence, right from the beginning, their brand comes through and stays with you even after you are done browsing.

3. Minimalist Footer


This has to be the most minimalistic footer we have seen to date on any E-commerce website. No clunky categories, and links and badges. They have the bare necessities arranged neatly, so you don’t have to scratch your head as a first time user.

VERDICT: YAY – We’ll keep it minimal too, and just say this is spot-on!

4. Blog


They have a blog too. A refreshing one, at that. It is like their personal travel journal with something to keep you on their website longer. A great way to pull your user right into your brand experience. If you think blogs are just a waste of time, then you should read this article – Should Fashion Businesses Blog– which we we wrote earlier. Soludos seems to be doing something right here.

VERDICT- YAY – The fact that their Blog link appears in their main Menu right on their front page shows that they understand its importance and want to draw in the users too. However, if only they updated it more often, it wouldn’t look so out of place!

5. Product Page


Last but not the least, we cannot close without reviewing their product page, which is the most important for any e-commerce website. They seem to hit bull’s eye even with this! The clean minimal layout continues. We guess it has something to do with the font they have used- it’s small (occupies less space) and yet very legible. It in fact lends to the simple atmosphere of their brand.  Every necessary detail is in its place, helping users make decisions quickly (you will only be stuck with which colour to buy, because you love them all!).

VERDICT: YAY – Yep, even this is a Yay! Except for the sizing info, which would be better off placed next to the sizes available for quick & easy reference (not such a big deal when everything else is so perfect), this part seems to be complete.

So in this post you saw how Soludos managed to bring everything- photography, design, UI/UX- in a seamless fashion and neatly tied up the ends to produce a brand that people will love. And more importantly, trust.

Let us know your thoughts on this website.


E-Commerce Yay or Nay Discovery Series is a series of posts where GLAMAFONE discovers one-off e-commerce websites and analyses interesting features as well as mistakes, which will help people like you be more prepared when designing your own e-commerce store. Contact us if you would like a bespoke website design done for you or visit: www.glamafone.com for more.

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