How to Reward your Most Loyal Customers

Loyalty Programs are not a new thing. It works and customers love it! In all probability, even you are art f some Loyalty program. rewarding your customers for being loyal to you, buying from you consistently without going over to your competitor is a very healthy sigh for your business. So is there any way to repeat this behaviour among all your customers? Simple answer: Yes. Easy answer: None. It takes work! But fret not, for we have several ways you can initiate loyalty programs, and once nurtured, will yield good results for your business. So let’s get started.

Before starting with any of these programs, it is essential who you would like to define as a Loyal customer. You need to have some threshold above which a customer is given VIP status and they can benefit from your offers. Not all customers are equal, in the sense that, some give you more business than the others. If you have a countable number of customers, then it’s easy to see from whom majority of your business is coming. You can use a particular spending amount, number of items bought in a single purchase/ every month, number of visits, most engaged customer etc as factors to give them the Loyal Customer title. This really helps give meaning to your Loyalty Program and determine how it will help your business. Otherwise, it may do more damage than help. That said, let’s take a look at these programs:

1. Points

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The most common and popular way of rewarding a customer is awarding them points that collects over time. Once they have accrued a minimum number of points (that you decide) they get to redeem it in exchange for a small gift (which, again, you decide). This adds excitement to every shopping journey a customer makes, induces them to spend more so that they can collect more points and they are happy when they can exchange it for something in the end (which is like getting a free gift for being so loyal). So you see how it’s a win-win situation! Well this is just the beginning!

2.Punch Card

This is not a very popular method used, but nonetheless, is an effective one. usually used by the F&B industry, there’s no reason why a fashion house can’t use the same. Call the Punch card by any other name, but having a record of how many times a customer visits/buys from your store by punching into their loyalty card, is a great reminder to the customer that there is a free gift waiting for her. This is true rewarding for loyalty in every term of the word. You punch her card 10 times, then she gets a small discount or a free accessory when she comes in the 11th time. It is simple and non-manipulative. However, you need to be ready to part with that small gift when the time comes.

3. Discount Vouchers Through E-mail


When you sign up some of your most loyal customers into an Insider’s group, then they’re expecting something exclusive from you. That exclusive something could be discount vouchers. By sending occasional discount vouchers to the Insiders, they are happy to avail of the offer to buy something from you again. Just make sure that any random visitor doesn’t get into your Insider’s list!

4. Exclusive Preview Sale/Trunk Show

Another spin off on exclusivity, hosting trunk shows only for the eyes of your most Loyal customers gives them all the more reason to stay loyal to you. Whether they buy from the preview sale or not, this exclusive membership/admission reminds your loyal customers what you really mean to them.And therefore, they return the good favour to you by being your brand’s evangelist. This scores high on couture designer’s marketing tactics!

5. Make Them The Buyers

So no, giving exclusivity to your Loyal customers is not ending anytime soon. Make them the buyers of your next collection if that’s how you roll. If you source your products from somewhere else, then before putting the final collection up on display, ask your Inner Circle to vote for the best pieces. Modcloth has this scheme going on, but then it’s for everyone in their community (where there’s no definition of Loyal Customer). It is up to you to define the rules, but involving your customers in the selection process of your goods once in a while is a fun event both for them and your bank balance.

6. Free Gift on their Birthday or Anniversary

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Present / gift

Yes. You read that correctly. Nothing speaks louder than remembering your customers’ special day. Make it more memorable for them by sending them something valuable- a Gift card, a 25% discount voucher or if it is really possible, post them a birthday card with a small sample of your next collection. Stand out from the crowd (i.e. competition), and this is a brilliant way to do so!

7. Spotlight on Your Blog

If your blog has a huge following, then customers would love to get some spotlight over there. many brands are already using this strategy in its various other avatars. They show customers’ Instagram posts in their feed, they showcase customers with their products on Social Media, on their website or on their blog. you can run a “Customer of The Month”campaign on your blog and have a hearty Q&A with her and publish it on your blog. Or if you rub shoulders with famous fashion bloggers around town, you may want to share one of their posts on your blog with them wearing your product! Instant pampering done right!

8. Customize Products for Them

For FREE. Yes, do it once and you will more than double their loyalty towards you. This works best if your favourite customer writes to you saying they liked a product but they didn’t find their size. Then offer to get it custom made made for them at no additional cost. Then repeat this for all your loyal customers sending out an email saying that you are offering customizations of your latest collection at no extra cost. Then see the excitement blow up!

9.Free Shipping

This will come as a welcome offer to customers who buy online frequently. Usually you see brands giving free shipping for orders more than a certain amount. There’s no end to how much you can play around with shipping. For your Insiders customers, shipping could always be free, or maybe free after they buy 3 times from you, or free shipping on certain sized/weight products. Get creative and see your customers laud you for taking away the shipping cost burden off their backs.

10. Free Giveaways


Last but not the least, give away something free. No contests, no quizzes, no rules. Just send an e-mail blast to all your loyalists with a free concert ticket, free make-up session, discounted haircut at the salon, free stylist makeover session etc. Of course, you may want to give this at the end of a purchase, but make sure to tell them that they are the only ones receiving these perks. Once they get used to your occasional pampering, you will stop wondering why they stick to buying only from you.

So there you have it folks, at least 10 ways of rewarding your loyal customers. As the saying goes, treat your neighbours as you would thyself, then you must treat your customers as the way you would want to be treated as one. You can surely come up with more than these kind of Loyalty Programs. The important thing is to identify & define your Loyal customers, determine their value to your bottom line and manage and execute this with precision. Once you get this right, you would have nailed one more aspect of building an awesome fashion brand!


PS: As always, if you want experts to handle these programs for you, please contact us:

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