Fashion Photography Finds: #2- The Essence of Faceless Photography

A month ago, Marni came out with its debut ad campaign for its FW15 collection. Photographed by Jackie Nickerson, the images are far from your typical fare with model Marte Mei Van Haaster posing faceless. Creative director Conseuelo Castiglioni says about the images, “What we wanted was to create beautiful yet strong images that stand alone…Each one having an impact of its own without the others.”


With the advent of e-commerce, fashion photography has seen a lot of experimentation in styling. It isn’t uncommon to show products on models albeit without their faces on e-commerce websites. This has something to do with consumer psychology which believes that a consumer shouldn’t be swayed by how a product looks on the particular model. Cutting off the face from these product photos draws attention away from the model and solely towards the product. Using the same concept, Marni has gone large scale with this idea and implemented it in their international ad campaign. But of course, this “faceless” campaign is much more than trying to draw attention away from the model and to the clothes.


In fact, the model still stays at the epicentre. Together, the model and clothes create a sense of mystery. That faraway feeling of nostalgia. The subconscious indulgence in comfort.


Not only are these photos able to evoke a sense of contemporary mystery in the viewer’s eye, but also bring a lot of texture to the fore. The texture of the ensembles blend seamlessly with the background and setting. The colours too are perfectly well coordinated with the clothes.


These photos, we feel, have a great potential to differentiate Marni from the crowd. It has potential to actually make people stop and take notice. It’s unconventional, and yet so breezy.


Marni is a luxury brand and over two decades old. If they had to do something blockbuster for their debut ad campaign after all these years, then this campaign is unmistakably a success.

If you are a fashion label, then photography such as this can really take people’s breath away when they are online. And since all of your online business runs on photographs, you just uncovered the secrets to what makes a brand tick.


Fashion Photography Finds is a series of posts which highlights some great pictures clicked by renowned photographers worldwide to serve up some inspiration for your next fashion shoot. GLAMAFONE is totally obsessed with Fashion photo-shoot conceptualization, so give us a shout out if you need any help!  More at

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