Should Fashion Businesses Blog?


If there has been anything more disrupting on the Internet than the World Wide Web itself, then it has to be Blogging. Being able to record endlessly into the pages of the Internet has spawned many authoritative figures and mini-celebrities. Nothing comes close to freedom of speech than a blog. And Fashion Blogs are a different league altogether. Fashion Blogs are more than blogs; they are self-thriving businesses & lifestyle habits for many. Usually fashion blogs are limited to fashionable individuals who take to the web to express their flair for style and eye for trends. However, now the question arises, should you blog as a fashion business?

The answer is Yes and simply because the fashion industry is no exception to the blogging rule than any other industry. In fact, there is a greater need for fashion businesses to be the face of fashion and it’s best done by blogging. If it weren’t that important, Dior or Tadashi Shoji wouldn’t be blogging right now. They call it by different names and may be posting less than 500 words per day, but they still do it. They are taking the magazine experience over to digital. But really, even if these biggies didn’t blog, here are 5 reasons you should:

Benefit 1: SEO

Admit it- you care about SEO if you own an online store. The fastest way to the top of search ranking is using keyword rich content on your website and having links to and from your website. Now, having a Blog just made SEO all that much easier. You get to create so much content with all the keywords related to your niche and have plenty of scope to include links and be linked to. Without a Blog, you cannot show any search engine what you are all about. If you are not really making an effort on blogging, then surely you must work doubly hard to get Google’s attention.

Benefit 2:Inspiration+ Education= Conversion

Do you understand the customers of today? They research, compare, wait and then decide. So even though you being online makes purchasing a zip,zap,zoom process, it’s not necessarily going to be that way. So what you got to do instead is guide your customers through the conversion process. What better way than using a blog to do that? When you post great educational articles (like: How to Wear the LBD to work!) or inspirational images (Kate Moss swingin’ the it- bag with that oooo-my-god attitude), it’s bound to strike a chord with someone who wishes to be like that. Write a post effectively, (even if super short, like this one) to describe an inspiration and use images of your products generously throughout that inspirational story.

Benefit 3: Authority

If you know about fashion, why not flaunt it? A blog comes in handy for this very purpose. It’s not only fashion businesses that can take advantage of blogs for this reason, but every industry- from medicine to real estate use blogs as a way to build authority in their niche/industry. When you post long-form content, you are talking about what you know about fashion, how your products are made, what are the latest trends, how not to wear a certain dress, the latest news in fashion business and everything that can greatly enhance your take on the subject matter related to your products. When you show how deeply knowledgeable you are about your products/ niche, you gain the trust of customers. It is just psychological. Take advantage of this and write well educated posts on your blog. [I am doing the same with this blog!]

Benefit 4: Gain Followers

So this is how it works in Blogoshpere- potential customer finds your content, follows over to your blog and loves everything you have written there. They find great use with the information you shared and they cannot afford to miss out on your next post. So they follow your blog. And these followers are your products’ evangelists ultimately. Not only do they engage in your content, they get their friends and family to engage it too. Because of the nature of blog posts, it gives you a chance to resonate deeply with the readers, as compared to “mini” social media posts. So the more followers you build this way, the more chances of getting word-of-mouth marketing for your business. Now who can deny the power of that sort of marketing?!

Benefit 5: PR

Often unseen, the advantage of owning a Blog as a designer can greatly up your chances for Press coverage. Maybe they won’t write about you in their print magazine, but know this- editors are scouring the web for latest and interesting information to publish on their digital publications/blogs. If you have a great blog, with super written content exploring your art as a designer, there is no reason why a PR blog won’t want to write about you or link to one of your posts. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, it’s one of the optional ways to get PR coverage, but one of the easiest and most organic ways.

Seemingly simple, but you see, blogging has such a great impact for your business. And for me, on a personal level, I feel blogging really keeps us connected to the core of the business and is really a web log of how it matures.

So just because you are into fashion, it doesn’t mean you need not blog. Every industry has to blog and the reasons are now clear. You can do it yourself, hire a content writer or simply outsource it. The benefits far outweigh the costs.


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