9 Web Apps That Will Boost Traffic To Your Online Store

9 Web Apps That Will Boost Traffic To

The below mentioned tools are a mix of free and paid apps. I do not rank them by any means and the listing is random. Most of all apps have a free trial period, so do take advantage of that!  The free apps of course come with the company branding and you have to opt for a paid plan if you want white labeling facilities. On this list, #4, #8 & #9 are my favourites! Go through this entire list and do comment which one was your favourite. Click on any of the titles below to be re-directed to the app’s official website.

1. JustUno 

They are about “Engage and Convert Visitors with On-site Promotions.”

Justuno provides a simple (and free!) way to reward visitors for activities such as a Facebook Like, Tweet or Google +1. By creating a unique offer code for your customers’ social shares, you can increase your brand’s social network, obtain and track social leads, increase conversion, and reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts.

Some of the interesting features they have are:

  • Engage with a Popup OR a Tab
  • Show your Incentives on-site
  • Targeting Rules
  • Intent To Leave Monitoring
  • Pop on First Page
  • Unique Specials for Return Visitors
  • Show on Cart – avoid abandonment


By allowing for incentivized social sharing, people are bound to talk about your web-store on their social media. Once this process starts and multiplies, a lot of people become aware of your website, leading them to your e-store.

2. Hello Bar

Hello Bar lets you place a lead capture form, message, or call to action on your site. So now you know how the other big sites do it!

Hello Bar from Crazy Egg is a lead capture and customer engagement tool for directing users to promotions and growing your email list. You can also customize your bar with targeted messaging and alert users to important offers, your social profiles, or to capture their email address.

Some of the interesting features they have are:

  • Customize the bar’s design to match your branding.
  • Customize where the bar pops-up.
  • Set up targeting rules for specific visitors or actions.
  • Collect leads, direct to a certain page, or guide to social channels.


By collecting leads, setting targeted rules and directing customers to a specific URL on your website, you are able to direct traffic, pique their interest and keep them coming back for more. This way you do not lose your potential customers and have a constant flow of traffic.

3. ReferralCandy

It is a Customer Referral Program Software-as-a-Service. ReferralCandy enables you to easily amplify your word-of-mouth marketing with customizable, automated referral campaigns. They are a bit on the pricey side, but they provide so much convenience, it’s worth a shot.

Some of the interesting features they have are:

  • Invite participants: Send an email to customers or show a popup after they make a purchase,
  • Encourage participants to spread the word by giving them an offer they can pass to their friends AND compound this effect by giving them a reward when their friends make a purchase.
  • Social media integration so participants can share directly on their social networks.
  • Smart Referral Tracking


Just like option #1, it lets users share the news about your website; even better- sharing the promotion itself, and everyone involved is rewarded. This creates a powerful domino effect and gains you that much needed traffic to your website without having spent so much as you would have on traditional advertising.

4. Nouncy

Use Nouncy to build a network of brand ambassadors. Let them speak for you on social media. Great to use when you are preparing to launch and announce a new product/collection in your store. This is entirely community driven, and their support can have ripple effects far and wide to get the word out.

Nouncy is a platform to ask people to post on social media for you. Everyone can sign up for free and start a campaign. A Nouncy campaign is a page on which people can schedule one-off posts on their social media accounts for the campaign manager. The campaign manager decides when the contributed posts get published to the timelines of their supporters.

Its features to note are:

  • Create a campaign page to ask people to schedule tweets and Facebook posts.
  • Spread the link to your campaign page and watch your ambassadors schedule posts for you.
  • Hit announce to publish the schedule posts on behalf of your ambassadors all at once.


This has got to be one of the most interesting ways to share news about your business and get people to visit! C’mon, how can you underestimate the power your own community has. When the scheduled posts all go out at once, there is this high excitement build up that attracts all people who view the post to come have a look at your website, your new collection or a Sale, or even your new website launch. So people who didn’t know you before, will now know you through your own loyal fans, thanks to a well planned campaign announcement.

5. ClicktoTweet

This is an extremely simple tool to create “Tweet This” links to place in your content. Perfect to use in your educational content like DIY tutorial, different ways to wear denim, hair styling tutorial etc. People who love the content will definitely want to share it with their friends, and what easier way than just clicking on an icon that lets them tweet it.

How it works is, write the message that you want others to share, in the dashboard box. Click the “Generate New Link” button to create a custom link. Share the link, paste it in your emails, blogs, videos etc and let people click to tweet your message.

Click to Tweet lets you manage and change the text at any time from the dashboard, where you can see folders and groupings of all of your previous “Tweet This” links. Analyze where clicks are happening, see engagement rates, and more from the dashboard.

Some interesting features are:

  • Track Clicks
  • Link Shortening and Tracking
  • Tweet Composer
  • Update Link Text at Any Time
  • Organize Groups with Folders


Here is where the saying  ‘Content is King’ truly works. For every gem of content that you write, people are eager to find something like that and in fact be the first ones to discover and share it. When they do it, your content does all the work. It attracts their followers (= more people) to see what it is all about and pulls in the gathering to your blog and eventually to your website.

6. Gleam

Gleam says it is a suite of engaging marketing apps designed to help you grow your business. Brands can easily use Gleam to incentivize new product giveaways, run alongside a regular sale, drive coupon downloads, drive email list signups or even allow your customers to submit user generated photos of them using your products.

As a brand one of the most powerful types of marketing that you can do are product giveaways, whether you want to run it on your own site or enable a partner to give the product away for you Gleam has you covered. So this is also great for Affiliate Marketing unlike #1 and #3 on this list. A special mention is that their front-end is really sleek and simple for your customers to use.

The features of Gleam include:

  • Add your prize, choose your actions and embed on your site, all in under 3 minutes.
  • Rules based email capture forms that integrate directly with your email provider.
  • Drive more sales, ask users to complete predefined actions to unlock anything.


Same as other contests and promotions help you boost traffic, Gleam also enables referrals and sharing. In this case, in one campaign you can enable a single customer to complete multiple set of actions (like, share, tweet, email sign-up, invite others etc). So the giveaway might really be worth it.

7. Uprise

This is not so much of an app to directly draw in traffic, but it is powerful in enabling you to write content that does (we will talk about Influencer outreach in detail in another future post). It is very much like Buzzsumo, but it additionally has a custome feed integration to your dashboard. Moreover, it gives excellent feedback for the Fashion Category unlike Buzzsumo. However, the influencer outreach mostly happens on Twitter.

Uprise.io gives you tools for informed content marketing. Quickly find & analyse the best content & publishers in your vertical.Amplify your content using our categorized influencers & sharers and build your influencer contact list / groups.

Some of their best features are:

  • Instantly search for content by keyword or view one of their categories to view the best publishers, articles, sharers and influencers around a subject.
  • A list of both Influencers & Sharers.
  • Personalised Dashboard
  • Export Data


By getting one influencer to share your post, be ready for a traffic surge that may bring down your website! It is not uncommon to hear how one reference from a celebrity caused the referred a website crash within minutes due to the traffic. Now getting this to happen, you need tools like these, and content like that.

8. Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is a turn-key points and rewards app for your eCommerce store. It gives you the ability to run your own loyalty program that rewards customers for their purchases and behavior.Promote repeat sales by defining exactly how customers can earn and spend points.

Some features of this pretty little app are:

  • Available only for Magneto, Bigcommerce, Shopify and Woocommerce  platforms.
  • Easy Set-Up
  • Reward for Sign-ups
  • Reward for Purchases
  • Rewards for Referrals
  • Reward for Social sharing
  • Fully customizable and configurable
  • Engage using e-mail
  • Intuitive Dashboard that shows each customer’s earning & spending History
  • Export point balances to Excel for deeper analysis. By monitoring point balances and trends, you can adjust your program accordingly.


All in all, this Loyalty and Rewards program software app is so cool that even if it doesn’t bring in new visitors to your web store, it will keep the ones already interested regularly coming back, maintaining  your website traffic balance.

9. Yotpo

Do you know, user generated reviews can bump up your traffic? Yotpo gets you tons of reviews and turns them into traffic and sales! Yotpo is free and takes 5 minutes to install.

Nothing helps convert unsure visitors into confident shoppers better than trustworthy product reviews. With Yotpo, you can display reviews on your product pages or anywhere else on your site using our fully customizable widgets. Also, Automatically email your customers at a set time after purchase, asking them to leave a review. The magic is, Yotpo is the only reviews solution that lets your shoppers write their review directly in their email inbox, making it super-easy for them to leave feedback.

Some features of Yotpo are:

  • show the right reviews, in the right places, in a beautiful way (includes trust badges, custom question ratings, reviews tab, top rated products widget)
  • Use reviews in sponsored social media ads.
  • Community Q&A
  • Commenting (additional to the reviews).
  • Rewards (coupons) for giving reviews.


Needless to say, good reviews can greatly help in your SEO. Once you are the top website in your category, you will have every other visitor on their way to you. Sponsored ads in form of reviews are the best form of advertising and can definitely guarantee more website visits.

Oh my, these plethora of apps! Aren’t you getting ideas already? Digital is your new 24/7 runway. Looks like it’s time to strut your stuff.


Should you feel that any of the paid plans for these apps is way too expensive, get a custom app developed for your website with only a one-time investment. It is wiser, easier and fun! Contact GLAMAFONE today!

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