E-Commerce Yay or Nay Discovery Series: #1- Twelve Saturdays

E-Commerce Discovery Series _1

Today we found an interesting e-commerce website: Twelve Saturdays (oh man, just almost forgot the spelling of 12!) and it was a pretty little analysis we conducted on that. Here’s the low down:

1. Homepage Branding

They do great with their brand colours and design elements. Throughout the website they stick with the grey and white color palette (though it is questionable how much this appeals to their main audience – women) and the design elements resemble the shape of the American football and football team logos. They have a unique theme for the clothes they sell: college football season. Even their photography is in line with their theme and does great justice to the brand on their Homepage. They have a very simple menu, which is all the more appealing and fuss-free.

Homepage of E-commerce website

Homepage of E-commerce website

VERDICT: YAY. What works for them is the minimalism and great photographs. They are using the slider in line with their brand’s USP, which is direct, simple, clutter-free.

2. Homepage Usage

What we also noticed is that their homepage never let us get to the bottom of their website! We were going on scrolling into Neverland. Usually the footer of every website has important and critical information like contact details, FAQs, Disclaimers, Terms & conditions etc. So this is not at all easily accessible for the new customer.

Continuous scrolling- no no.

Continuous scrolling- no no.

VERDICT: NAY. Not at all a good usage of the homepage. People will get lost in there. Website header menu already categorizes their products and can be used to navigate into their products listings. There is absolutely no necessity to showcase the entire catalog on the homepage itself, because, honestly, if this website was a salesman, he would come across as being too pushy. And that does not make a sale.

3. UI Features

We found one very interesting feature in their product page: use of Next/Previous navigation arrows right on their product description page. This feature does a lot for the incessant window shopper: gives her ease of navigating in one-click with no time lag and make her feel like she just hit upon a brilliant piece of clothing somewhere down the line.  Wastes no time in hitting the back button and scrolling down to the products once again to find where she had left off. This use of arrows closely resembles browsing through a brochure and should be a must in all e-commerce websites.

Navigation arrows

Navigation arrows

VERDICT: YAY YAY YAY! Nothing more to say on that one!

That’s about the interesting mentions we had to make on this website. Follow our blog for more posts such as these, which will help you in designing your e-commerce website like a pro!

E-Commerce Yay or Nay Discovery Series is a series of posts where GLAMAFONE discovers one-off e-commerce websites and analyses interesting features as well as mistakes, which will help people like you be more prepared when designing your own e-commerce store. Of course, you have a choice to give GLAMAFONE the opportunity to design it for you! Visit: www.glamafone.com for more.

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