Big Fashion Trends – Q4 of 2014 : Part 2

Howdy folks!

It’s time to take a look at what’s trending this fall and winter in terms of Print and Pattern Trends, as promised in Part 1 of this post.

These results are based, as always, on what’s popular on social media, street-wear and fresh off the runways. It takes time for a trend to spread across the world from the major fashion centres, so it’s never too late to jump onto the trend bandwagon and stock in your boutiques what people actually want. Here’s a brief run down on Print and pattern trends.



1. Plain

There’s specifically no such thing called as plain pattern (kind of an oxymoron, isn’t it?!) but I just HAD to mention it here because the girls out there are sticking to plain this winter. No chaos, that’s the mantra. They are going for something as simple as a white shirt, blue jeans and a cozy sweater in a solid trending colour. You don’t have much of a chance here if you are trying to push something else on these fashionistas.



“From the bright windowpane plaids of Marc by Marc Jacobs to the neon checks at Stella Jean, these graphics keep the too-cool-to-care spirit of their grunge ancestors alive while adding in a healthy dose of fun.”-

Totally agree with this one. Plaids are great for layering or scarfing up, and works well at office in the morning or at a bar in the evening. Checks have always been a classic, so you cannot go wrong with these prints in your products.



This is simple logic. It’s dark and light, dark and light… On and on. Simply sophisticated and a classic, stripes are a must-have for this season and maybe your boutique can provide it in clothes or accessories.


4.Animal motifs on repeat

These are quirky prints and are simply on the rise. We have bird prints, owl prints, cat prints, bat prints and what not. Something about these prints scattered all over a soft coloured plain shirt just sizzles the look.



Who said floral is only for spring?! This time dark floral prints are making big waves in winter clothes too. Dolce & Gabbana as usual lead the floral trend, whether spring or fall and this time it’s favourable with fashion lovers too! Splash some floral across that fabric and you are ready to go fall-chic.


6.Snake Prints

Forget leaopard and cheetah prints! It’s time for snake print. and I’m sure you’ve already noticed this all around you. More than anything else, snake prints are hissing their way onto bags and clutches and boots like nothing else ever has. Go crazy creative trying to incorporate the beige-green snake prints from buttons on a blouse to an actual shift dress!

Reptile prints

7.Colour Blocking

Taking a leaf out of Prada’s runway display for fall ’14, colour blocking stays intact this season too. Nobody but Prada can make a fashion fad stick around for so long. When in doubt, colour block! It’s just another derivative of Plain (#1) and stripes (#3). There’s nothing to regret in colour blocking. And winter does not have to be all that boring.



1.Animal prints

Apart from reptile prints and animal motifs, the regular animal cheetah prints is done only by a fashion amateur. For a trend that’s been done to death, you don’t want to be selling this and piling up on dead stock. Because surely, each fashion lover out there owns something in an animal print already.

2.Polka dots

So are you trying polka dots on your winter scarves? Don’t. Polka dots are so 2012, and better left for the spring. The less said, the better.

3.Photographic Blown Ups

This was a fascinating spring trend this year, and many designers predicted it for fall this season (check Manish Arora who started it this spring).There’s definitely something powerful about an image stretched across a t-shirt or dress. Now, what we can see on the streets surely indicate that photographic blown-ups are all folded up and packed in the closet. They probably will come out next spring. If you are planning your merchandise for next spring, maybe some who don’t have this trend will pick it up from you. But if you are planning your stock this winter, let the blown ups stay in the closet unless your customers do their spring shopping in winter.

4.Abstract designs

A perfect fashion fad. It lasted only until 2013. Abstract prints spell chaos. And going by what’s #1 in the rising trends, abstract is not what fashion leaders are seeking. Abstract designs are futuristic. And by all means, let this trend stay for the far future.

5.Geometric Prints

A derivative of abstract. Geometric prints are a favourite among the left-brained fashioners but how much of it can they really own? Checks also come under this category, but they remain popular. Any other kind of triangular and rectangular shapes are out this season. Scarves get a little sympathy, but unless you want any more dead stock, stay clear of geometric prints this winter.

6. Coloured Aztec

Now aztec is a print which gets a nod from every fashion conscious woman. She knows that aztec will position her as uniquely distinct from the rest of the fashionable folk, and nothing does it so easy. Aztec started as black and white geometric print, and it still continues to demand attention (the end is near for this one too, though). But the adventurous who tried aztec prints in colour met with short term success. They look good on mini-skirts, but i wouldn’t be wearing one this winter.

I hope this gives you a head-start for your merchandise planning. These trends may not really be 100% accurate, because fashion by it’s very nature is fickle. But we know where to start now.

Happy planning and here’s to a successful and merry winter! Cheers!

*NOTE- All pictures used are from, or pinterest,so i do not own rights of any and I do not promote anybody represented here. However, the collages were created by me and i think it rightfully belongs to this blog.

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