Big Fashion Trends – Q4 of 2014 : Part 1

Autumn has set in, Christmas is near, celebration is in the air! People are now in the mood to flip open their wallet. But don’t take for granted that anything will sell. On the contrary, people are looking to get the best deals around this time. They are going to choose great quality. They are going to choose trendy stuff. They want the stylish best from you. Are you up for it?

In Part 1 of this post , we look at a brief report on what’s being picked up quickly in terms of colour. This report is based on online trends and social platforms (what the hype’s about) as well as my own experience at the boutique I am helping out and my observations on frequent shopping trips.



Colour Trends 2014 Q4

Whatever type of Fashion you are selling, have this colour today at your store;it will be gone by tomorrow.

Single Major colours

1. Turquoise

2.Dusty Blue

3.Honeysuckle (Pink)


5.Pure Orange


7.Wine Red

8.Green (dark shades)

9.Dark Blue

Colour combinations (high:low)

Best ColourCombo

1. Dark pink:gold

2. Navy Blue:White

3.Off-white: navy blue/red/magenta/gold

4.monochromatic scheme in Beige shades


6.Forest green:black



9. Grey: black :white


These colours were once popular in the summer or spring, and though people love these colours, they are not picking it up this time of the year (or maybe for a long time to come.) It’s highly advisable not to source goods in these colours as yet.



3.Burnt Orange


5.Black monochrome

This should sum up everything you want to know about colour trends and how it affects your fashion business. Here’s the logic- if you are an online business, then surely you expect to draw those people to your store who spend most of their time online. Which means, people spending a lot of time online are being influenced by what they see online and that is more likely to influence their buying. This largely applies to the kind of colours they are being exposed to on the internet. The colours which makes them feel happy or relaxed. Many colours can perform the same function of arousing happiness or relaxation. But those colours which we see very frequently will be impactful . That’s what a trend is. And the colours mentioned above are just such a fashion intelligence you could really use when stocking or sourcing your fashion goods.

Coming up next in Part 2: Print and Pattern Trends.

Stay tuned!

Note: All Pictures are sourced from Pinterest. Collage created by Author.

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